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POST-OP INSTRUCTIONS (These are general post-op instructions for the following procedures. If you are having symptoms that are not covered here or have a dental emergency, please contact the office directly.)


What to expect:

1.It is not uncommon for the tooth to be uncomfortable or even exhibit a dull ache after treatment. This should subside within a few days, but may last up to a couple of weeks. This is due to the tooth and surrounding bone being slightly bruised.

2. Your tooth will be sensitive to biting pressue and may even appear to feel loose. This feeling is a result of the sensitivity of nerve-endings in the tissue just outside the end of the root, where we cleaned, irrigated, and placed a filler and sealer material.

3. You may feel a depression or rough area where our access was made. There is a soft, temporary material in the area, which may wear away to some degree before your visit to your general dentist.

4.Occasionally, a small bubble and/or pimple will appear on the gum tissue within a few days after the procedure. This represents the release of pressure and bacteria which no longer can be sustained around the tooth. This should disappear within a few days.

What to do:

1. It is best to refrain from eating for at least 1 hour before chewing food to allow the temporary filling to harden.

2.Do Not drink any hot liquids and avoid chewing food while your mouth is numb to prevent possible injury to your soft tissue.

3.You can rinse with warm salt water.

4.Whenever possible, try to chew on the opposite side from the tooth that was treated, until you have had the permanent restoration. Until that time, your tooth is weakened and could fracture.

5.Please avoid hard and chewy foods, which could dislodge the temporary material or fracture the tooth.

6.Take any medication prescribed to you by the doctor as this will eliminate any remaining infection in the tooth.

7.If you notice any of the following symptoms please contact our office:

* Increasing tenderness or swelling in the area surrounding the tooth
* A reaction to the medication
* Loss of the temporary filling material
* Tooth fracture
* Swelling

APICOECTOMY (root surgery)

What to do:

1. Do not lift or pull lip or cheek. This may cause tearing of the sutures.

2. Apply an ice bag over the operated area. 30 minutes at first, then 15 minutes off and 15 minutes on for 6-8 hours to control swelling. Some swelling and discoloration is unfortunately normal and will gradually disappear.

3. It is normal to experience some pain following surgery. Using the ice pack and taking two (2) Advil or Tylenol tablets every 3-4 hours will help reduce this pain. If additional medication is prescribed, follow the directions given by Dr. Sarkarzadeh.

4. Do not chew in the area of the surgery.

5. Eat foods that will be nourishing, but will not require vigorous chewing (e.g., eggs, soups, malts, diet concentrates, etc.)

6. The day after surgery, rinse your mouth with warm salt water every 3 hours. After that rinse after meals and before bedtime. Patients on a low salt diet may rinse with mouthwash.

7. You may begin to brush your teeth 2 days after surgery. The bristles of the brush should not contact the gums in the surgical area.

8. If any unusal symptoms develop, please contact our office for advice and further insturctions.

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